How to watch Harry Potter online

How to Watch Harry Potter Online [Solved]

Believe it or not, some of the most frequent questions we receive are; is Harry Potter on Netflix? How can I watch Harry Potter online? Where can I stream Harry Potter?

You get the picture.

Harry Potter is one of the biggest mystical/fantasy books in the world, and even more so when followed up by an amazing film series, spanning several stunning films. Luckily, there are a lot of ways you can stream Harry Potter, but today, we’re going to be taking a look at the best way to stream Harry Potter online in the US.

Netflix (Poland and Canada) VPN

Netflix does have the rights to several Harry Potter films, but because they use Geoblocking software to stop you from accessing it, you will need to convince Netflix that you are either in Poland or slightly more closer to home, Canada.

Doing so is quite easy, as you can use a VPN such as NordVPN, and you should then be able to change your network connection and allow you to watch all the Harry Potter you want. Think of this as an invisibility cloak for your network! There are other major benefits to using a VPN, but that’s for another day! 

Amazon (US)

Amazon Video is a great place to watch all of the fantastic Harry Potter series. Amazon doesn’t own the rights to the films, so if you have an Amazon Prime / Amazon Video subscription, you won’t be able to watch these for free, but you will be able to rent and or buy the films individually that will give you a great viewing experience. 

Renting from Amazon gives you 48 hours from the moment you press play to watch the movie, which is great if you don’t want to watch it straight away or get interrupted half-way through watching it. 


Youtube, similarly to Amazon, doesn’t own the rights to Harry Potter or the film series. However, you can find the full films available on Youtube,  giving you an option to both buy and or rent the films so you can watch them. Renting on Youtube gives you 48 hours from the first play option to watch, and buying it allows you to store the movie digitally in your Google/Youtube account. 

Something that is entirely separate from Youtube but displayed in the same way, Google Play is also a viable streaming option for US viewers to watch Harry Potter. However, it is the same price and is displayed in the same manner as if you would buy it over on Youtube, so you may want to consider Google Play should Youtube not be an option for you. 


Unfortunately, Harry Potter is very difficult to find in the US and is not actively around to stream as other movie-series would be. Hopefully, one of the above ways and methods will help you watch Harry Potter online and give you great series to watch when you’re a little bit bored, or if you wish to experience the magic of Harry Potter, then hopefully one of the ways above will help you do that.